Zen Cart E-Commerce Solution

Zen Cart is a free, open-source, shopping-cart software that enables you to set up and manage your own online store. You can download and install Zen Cart from the company’s official Website and then use its multitude of features to set up your store, display or products and prices, and start selling. With commercial real estate prices skyrocketing and with the entire world hooked to the Internet, the best place to do retail business is online.

There are multiple commercial shopping-cart software programs available in the market, but none of them offers the vast array of features, options, or the ease of use that Zen Cart provides. This is because Zen Cart is designed and developed by a group of online sellers. Who better understands the needs of a seller than the seller itself!

Zen Cart is designed to include all the necessary tools and features needed to set up and operate an online store. Also, it was designed to be extremely easy to use, keeping in mind that an online seller was not necessarily a skilled software programmer.

Features of Zen Cart

The following features make Zen Cart the favored online store management system for setting up and operating shopping cart Websites:

  • Built-in Installation Tools: Zen Cart has built-in installation tools that check for database and server requirements prior to installing and also pre-populate the basic store information.
  • Multiple Language Support: Zen Cart supports multiple languages to cater to a wider audience.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Zen Cart supports transaction in multiple currencies.
  • Multiple Tax Support: Zen Cart supports multiple tax options keeping in mind the different tax liabilities across products and geographies.
  • Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods: Zen Cart supports multiple shipping and payment method options.
  • Multiple Customer Status Modes: Zen Cart provides different customer status modes to allow customers to perform or restrict customers from performing certain actions.
  • Multiple Catalog Status Modes: Zen Cart provides various catalog status modes, such as showcase with or without prices, normal shopping mode, and down-for-maintenance mode.
  • Unlimited Category Depth: Zen Cart allows you to categorize items to an unlimited number of levels. For example, you can categorize an item starting from its general characteristic right down to its brand name and price range, such as: Musical Instruments -> String Instruments -> Guitar -> Hobner -> Less Than Rs. 1000.
  • Multiple Categories for a Product: Zen Cart allows a product to be displayed under multiple categories.
  • Order Tracking Options: Zen Cart provides multiple order tracking options such as status e-mails and records under customer accounts.
  • Promotional Options: Zen Cart supports various promotional options, such as discounted pricing, individual pricing, discount coupons, and give vouchers.
  • Customizable Catalog Templates: Zen Cart supports customization of templates, such as custom fonts and colors, addition and removal of side boxes, and template overrides.
  • Administration Tools: Zen Cart provides powerful administration tools using which you can configure image sizes, choose layouts, manage product attributes, set maximum and minimum values, manage sales and promotions, send out newsletters, and perform various other tasks.

Advantages of Zen Cart

Zen Cart online store management system provides the following advantages:

  • It is free and open-source.
  • Its ease of use enables entrepreneurs having the most basic computer knowledge set up online stores.
  • Its multiple currency and language support ensures that your business is not limited due to political or linguistic barriers.
  • Its support for different shipping and payment options provides customers a higher degree of comfort in doing business with you.
  • Its different customer and catalog status modes allow you to regulate the information that is displayed to the customers and the actions the customer is allowed to perform.
  • Its open-source nature allows endless possibilities for customizations.
  • The multiple free add-ons developed by other users of Zen Cart can be used to provide more functionality and versatility to your business.

Virtual space is virtually the only affordable space now available for entrepreneurs to conduct new businesses. Zen Cart is a free online store management system that allows you to set up and manage shopping-cart Websites. Zen Cart provides unlimited functionality and customization options due to its open-source nature. With its versatility and ease of use, setting up and online business has never been easier.